Book Review of Brunson’s “God and the IRS”

I added this book after the announced publication by Sam Brunson, one of the bloggers I follow on By Common Consent. I'm not very familiar with tax law; I just go with whatever the all-knowing TurboTax algorithm calculates for me. But the intersection between religion and tax law seems particularly relevant in today's world where... Continue Reading →

Religious voices in the public square: Response to the Salt Lake Tribune opinion piece

The LDS church recently weighed in on the marijuana debate in Utah releasing a document raising a number of legal issues surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana. The action predictably drew calls for the Church's tax exempt status to be removed for engaging in overtly political issues. An opinion piece in the Salt Lake Tribune... Continue Reading →

The church with a soul of a nation versus the nation with the soul of a church: Book review of “Politics of American Religious Identity”

I believe I picked up Politics of American Religious Identity: The Seating of Senator Reed Smoot, Mormon Apostle, from a Goodreads recommendation based on my LDS history bookshelf. A fascinating read in one of the most well-known, yet simultaneously forgotten, turning points in the Latter-Day Saint faith tradition. Have you ever heard of Reed Smoot... Continue Reading →

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