Book review: “Mormonism and White Supremacy” by Joanna Brooks

My wife and I read Mormonism and White Supremacy: American Religion and the Problem of Racial Innocence by Joanna Brooks together as a part of our observance of Black History Month. Our Church has its own complicated history of racial issues, and Brooks has assembled a compelling narrative of what happened, how we got here,... Continue Reading →

Book review: “The Great Dissenter: The Story of John Marshall Harlan, America’s Judicial Hero” by Peter S. Canellos

I'm reading again, and I started with the biography of Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan, The Great Dissenter I hadn't heard of Harlan before. He fought for the civil rights of African Americans from the bench in a time when white America had turned their backs. In his dissents, he called out the hypocrisy of his colleagues and set the legal footwork for the next generation.

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