Morning inspiration: “Learning to Like Life: A Tribute to Lowell Bennion”

When you grow up in Utah, the name Bennion in ubiquitous. You probably have met a Bennion somewhere in school or at work or at church. The name Bennion to me brings to mind the Bennion Center at the Union building on the University of Utah campus. But while the name became familiar, I never... Continue Reading →

Hell is a library: Book review of Stephen Peck’s “A Short Stay in Hell”

I first encountered Stephen Peck on an LDS Perspectives podcast entitled A Religion of Both Prayers and Pterodactyls. The interview conducted by Laura Harris Hales dealt with the intersection of science and religion and how Peck, a scientist himself, reconciles the two. I added several of his books to my reading list, including A Short... Continue Reading →

The Courage to Be Disliked: Book review

This book caught my eye when my fellow graduate student and book enthusiast, Arushi, added it to her Goodreads list. The title called up multiple images to mind, including a grumpy old man (perhaps Uncle from Jacki Chan Adventures?) and memories of the fear associated with my two years as a Mormon missionary in Germany.... Continue Reading →

The scandal of particularity

This morning, I read a compelling analogy used by Elder Renlund and his wife in an address to seminar and institute teachers entitled "Doubt not, but be believing." They use this analogy to address the concepts of doubt and faith in young students. Pardon the extended quote, but I think it worth including in full:... Continue Reading →

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