On pirates and puppet theaters: Chesterton on Robert Louis Stevenson

Rating: 3/5 G. K. Chesterton's Robert Louis Stevenson is another biography that isn't a biography. It's more of a work of literary criticism for a man Chesterton perhaps didn't always agree with all the time, but certainly held in deep respect. Chesterton finds common ground with Stevenson in what he refers to as the "sharp... Continue Reading →

Rationalizing your video game addiction: A mixed bag in “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter”

I added this book to my shelf for the two oxymorons built into the existence of this book. The first is the juxtaposition of genres: a book...about video games?! (Pardon my rant here) I suppose the Venn diagram of bookworms and video game addicts could have some sort of intersection, and the presence of the... Continue Reading →

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