Book Review: SaintSpeak by Orson Scott Card

A fun little book from Orson Scott Card. Here's a good summary from Wikipedia: "For the most part, the book is light-hearted and winks at the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of Mormons, but there are entries that are downright harsh. Frequent targets include hypocritical behavior by church members, the church's repression and denial of its history,... Continue Reading →

The lost art of nuance

I love to watch Tim Allen's Last Man Standing.  In a light-hearted way without getting nasty, it juxtaposes both conservative and liberal viewpoints.  Tim Allen's conservatism is so blatant, it comes to the point of ridiculousness.  Ryan's liberal viewpoints are equally blown out of proportion, and Mike (Tim Allen) takes every opportunity to poke fun.... Continue Reading →

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