A Prophet in the Outfield

The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Russell M. Nelson visited church members in Seattle, Washington this past Saturday in the Mariners Safeco Field stadium. I was excited to attend with my in-laws, and felt a little bad I was going at the expense of my wife, who was staying at... Continue Reading →

You reap what you sow: Stephen Covey’s Spiritual Roots of Human Relations

I first heard of "The Spiritual Roots of Human Relations" by Stephen Covey from an Institute teacher at the University of Utah. The lesson itself has faded from my memory, but the title of the book stuck with me. When I later was inspired as a returned missionary after reading "The Seven Habits of Highly... Continue Reading →

The idea of a university… is to teach!

The best professor I ever had was Dr Butterfield, or Tony as he asked us to call him. He taught our senior lab courses in the chemical engineering department at the University of Utah. ┬áHe put together the most beautiful and humorous presentations before lab that made you appreciate science and the scientific method for... Continue Reading →

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