Pre-war Berlin in “Before the Deluge” by Otto Friedrich

The Goodreads algorithm that predicts books that you might like is getting to know me exceptionally well. I used to ignore the recommendations that Goodreads made for me, because they seemed totally off. But increasingly, I find that I check out the book summary, and it is entirely up my alley. Dang. Kudos to you,... Continue Reading →

Thought police and a surveillance state: Book review of Anna Funder’s “Stasiland”

I actually didn't choose this book this time round. I read Stasiland for our lab book club this month. We have a bit of a reluctant reader in our group, but he agreed to read the month's book all the way through if we picked a book that had to do with the Cold War.... Continue Reading →

I was going through some of my old notebooks from my two-year mission several years ago. As members of our Church, we have a responsibility to set aside two years to preach the gospel. I was called to serve in Hamburg, Germany back in 2010 to 2012.  The first city I served in was the... Continue Reading →

A little box of problems

I served as a missionary in a small industrial town in Germany called Krefeld.  I was still fairly new to Germany, the language, and talking to everyone we could about the gospel.  I had gotten enough German down to get the gist of what people were saying to me in most cases-- including all the... Continue Reading →

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