Sprint to the end: Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres and the Last Enemy/ and the Philosopher’s Stone

"You'd have lost," said Alastor Moody. "And the Boy-Who-Lived didn't just take out Voldie, he set it up so that his good friend Hermione Granger came back from the dead at the same time Voldie resurrected himself. There's no way in hell or double hell that was an accident, and I don't think it was... Continue Reading →

Hermione Jean Granger and the Phoenix’s Call

The fourth book in the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality brings Hermione more onto center stage than in previous books. After all, the title takes her name rather than Harry's: Hermione Jean Granger and the Phoenix's Call. I will again have to make a SPOILER WARNING right up front, as I am going... Continue Reading →

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