Book review: Terryl Givens’ “Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism”

What does your everyday Mormon recall about one of Mormonism's most important founding figures and most colorful characters, Parley P. Pratt? Before reading this book, I couldn't recall an awful lot. I know that his name pops up in the hymnbook a few times. After a quick peek, he wrote a few well-known ones including... Continue Reading →

A new favorite author: Paul Tournier and “The Meaning of Persons”

I stumbled upon this book while scrolling through my WordPress reader. On a blog I am following called 'On Being', there was an article by Eugene Peterson titled "On Congruence: The Beauty of Uniting Who We are and How We Act." In it, the author recalled attending a lecture by the author, Paul Tournier. He... Continue Reading →

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