Book review: “Catherine of Siena” by Sigrid Undset

If she - whipped herself for fun as a child - doesn't need food to live - moves popes and kings to do her bidding she's not your girl. She's St. Catherine of Siena

A Latter-Day Saint reading of Hilaire Belloc’s “The Great Heresies”

Rating: 4/5 Goodreads Summary Here the great Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc analyzes 5 of the greatest heresies of all time: Arianism, Mohammedanism (Islam), Albigensianism, Protestantism, and "the Modern Attack," showing that the world would be vastly different today if Arianism or Albigensianism had survived--and how it is different because Protestantism survived. He predicts the re-emergence... Continue Reading →

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