Book review: “A University Education” by David Willetts

I now know more about the UK higher education system than I do about my own. Greak book, considering it was written by a politician-- although I don't think Betsy DeVos could pull off a similar tome on education in the U.S.

Disorientation: How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind

I stumbled upon this book in a Goodreads review for another book on my shelf, Another Sort of Learning by James V. Schall. The reviewer commented that "This book in union with Another Sort of Learning would be a powerful combination in keeping young adults from being thoroughly swiped up by the ideological 'education' which... Continue Reading →

The idea of a university… is to teach!

The best professor I ever had was Dr Butterfield, or Tony as he asked us to call him. He taught our senior lab courses in the chemical engineering department at the University of Utah. ┬áHe put together the most beautiful and humorous presentations before lab that made you appreciate science and the scientific method for... Continue Reading →

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