Book review: Saints Vol. II

The Church history department didn't disappoint with Saints Vol II. I will say, this one will be harder to talk about around the dinner table (I already sparked one family fight) A gripping tale with complex characters, moral ambiguity, and great pacing.

Book review: Socrates’ “A History of the Church”

Lesson from 4th century Christianity: if someone excommunicates you, you excommunicate them right back. This book covering the history of Constantine, the Nicene creed, and the Arian heresy is a fascinating mirror in which to reflect on the doctrinal disputes and approaches of our own day.

The boogeyman of “Anti-Mormon literature”: A response to Papa Ostler’s interview with Taylor Christensen

I just finished listening to Papa Ostler's interview with a young Mormon, Taylor Christensen. I first found Papa Ostler through his inspiring Facebook posts about being more understanding towards the experiences of LGBT Mormons (for instance, see the article here on KUER). Papa Ostler has since founded an inspiring podcast entitled "Listen, Learn, Love" with... Continue Reading →

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