Double book review: "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and "The Book of Laman" by Mette Harrison

A double book review: "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and "The Book of Lemuel" by Mette Harrison. Both challenge dualistic interpretations of scripture that separate a righteous Us and a wicked Them.

Book review: "The Physician" by Noah Gordon

11th century Christian from England disguises himself as a Jew so he can train as a physician in a Persian hospital. Historical fiction at its best! It captures an era that I wish we engaged with more.

Book review: "Eager to Love" by Richard Rohr

My first book by Richard Rohr "Eager to Love" just happened to be about my favorite saint too, Saint Francis. I am drawn to Francis because he critiqued the Church while remaining a part of it, and he exemplified holy envy when encountering the Sultan. Rohr gets to Francis's central message: the centrality of love.

Book review: “The Unknown Testament” by Lowell Bennion

What I would give to have a Sunday School lesson taught by Lowell Bennion. Bennion refers to the OT as "the least known and least understood of the standard works of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", and this is his attempt to help address that. My favorite part: the prophets' insistence on justice for the marginalized: "relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow."

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