Book review: “Battle of the Lost Fae” by JA Curtis

I just finished reading JA Curtis’s third book in the Rise of the Fomori trilogy, Battle of the Lost Fae and whoo, what an adventure! Book two left us with a lot of unresolved loose ends: we found the queen, but she hasn’t done a lot yet. We got a small taste of the Otherworld through the communication with Princess Niamh, but we still haven’t actually been there yet. By the way, Princess Niamh was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Fomori, so we have an even bigger bad guy than Bres or Margus. It was tantalizing to see how that would play out. The Haven has totally collapsed at the end of book two, and it’s uncertain how they will regroup. While we have some clues about what a final battle might look like (the queen and the general have to kick some butt, of course, the queen’s sceptre has to play a role, and there’s some sort of flap monster that will play a role?), there is still a lot of creative space to let it play out.

I can’t just walk you through how all these tensions are resolved, but I can say the resolution is satisfying. JA Curtis continues to mine the complex implications of the seer-like powers of Mina and Chels as well as the woes and joys of a form of reincarnation. How does romance work out if you had a lover in a past life? Can you change who you are in a past life? Does your past life determine your current one? Arius has some wrestles with this as well. This was well-developed, but I still there is room for an additional series to explore it more fully. Wouldn’t that past life have implications on the royal line? Does a prince ever really become king, if the current king will just be reincarnated?

I think everyone was waiting for the resolution of the “potential” love triangle between Mina, Arius, and Dramian. I suppose I can’t spoil it here, other than say it will be resolved. 🙂 I think it’s cute, you’ll like it.

We do finally make it to the Otherworld, so we finally see what the current state of the kingdom is. There are a few surprises in there, and it’s nice to finally get a solid idea of what its like there. We don’t fully get to explore it in detail. I mean, there could be a whole geography of the Otherworld! We know the Otherworld was created by the faeries; is it finite? Does it have an outerspace? Are there bounds to it? Is it spherical or flat? TANTALIZING DETAILS ARE LEFT OUT. No worries, perhaps I’m too nerdy.

While the ending is satisfying, there is a bittersweet aspect to the book. And some large losses. I think good books should walk a fine balance between poetic justice and tragedy to some extent. All real books can’t have a perfect fairy tale happy ending. But they can’t leave everyone murdered at the end (I mean, Hamlet is good but come on!) I’ll leave it to you to find where the balance comes out in the end.

A very engaging read! You can visit JA Curtis’s website here. Find it for sale in January 2022.

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