Selections from Berdyaev’s “Destiny of Man”: Ethics, paradise, hell, and the herd instinct

This one really got me thinking so I have assembled my favorite passages here: There is something tragic in the fate of philosophic knowledge. It is very difficult for philosophy to vindicate its freedom and independence, which have always been threatened on different sides. Philosophy, in the past dependent upon religion, is at present dependent... Continue Reading →

“The good will have to answer for having created hell”: Nikolai Berdyaev’s Destiny of Man

I discovered Nikolai Berdyaev as a regularly cited source in the works of Terryl Givens (others I have found include Elie Wiesel and Julian of Norwich. Givens has given me a whole bibliography of spiritual writers I have yet to get to!). Berdyaev was officially a Russian Orthodox Christian who wrote both before and after... Continue Reading →

Book review: Godless Morality

Rating: 4/5 Godless Morality is, perhaps surprisingly given its title, written by Richard Halloway, Bishop of Edinburgh. The book was another well-calibrated recommendation from my Goodreads page. The title both intrigued me and perhaps disgusted or frightened me. A book written by a Bishop suggesting we take God out of ethics? It sounded like a... Continue Reading →

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