Book Review: SaintSpeak by Orson Scott Card

A fun little book from Orson Scott Card. Here’s a good summary from Wikipedia:

“For the most part, the book is light-hearted and winks at the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of Mormons, but there are entries that are downright harsh. Frequent targets include hypocritical behavior by church members, the church’s repression and denial of its history, and fanatics who take church doctrines a bit too far.

“Card pre-emptively and humorously strikes against anyone who takes offense too deeply by including a satiric introduction where he claims Ambrose Bierce appeared to him in a vision and presented the text of this book to him (paralleling the Angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith and telling him about the Golden plates that composed the Book of Mormon). Thus, he isn’t responsible for anyone being offended by it; it’s all Bierce’s fault.”



It’s written like a dictionary with entries like:

“Wine: What Mormons will go to any length to prove that no righteous person in scripture or Church history ever drank.”

“Wickedness never was happiness: A synonym for “I told them so,” used when people who don’t live the way you think they should, have some terrible misfortune.”

“Agency: Within your stewardship, complete independence to do what you’re told.”

While the book is out of print, it can be found online at free on the Signature Books website.

It’s a quick short read, in parts a little harsh but true, but also has quite a few laughs. I read it in an hour this afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m going to annoyingly post some of the quips here and there just for fun because they’re so good. The tone is similar to Robert Kirby at the Salt Lake Tribune.

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