Stealing a Bible and other childhood memories

Last night, I was reflecting with my wife on some childhood experiences, either faith-building or tangentially so.  As children, we are just learning the ropes of our faith, which can result either in beautiful "out of the mouth of babes" moments, but can also give a few laughs here and there as well.  I'm really... Continue Reading →

The Zeniff motif: On not being a spiritual snob

Mosiah 10-18 documents the preaching of the prophet Abinadi, his rejection by King Noah and his priests,  the acceptance of the gospel by Alma, and Alma's preaching and baptizing in the wilderness. One reason we like this story is there is a clear bad guy.  King Noah was terribly wicked (you can tell because of... Continue Reading →

The art of pretending you can cook

Cooking, like many skills, takes time and experience to master (what is that number they throw around? 10,000 hours to master any skill?).  But when you’re newly married, you just kind of learn on the job and make it up as you go along.  That’s the approach I took as a newlywed with my beautiful... Continue Reading →

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