Recognizing the Spirit

Hello all! Chad here. On this beautiful (ok, cloudy) Sabbath day, I wanted to share this sacrament meeting talk that I wrote a few months ago regarding the Spirit.  I was re-reading it recently, thinking about how I have felt the Spirit.   Recognizing the Spirit Dear brothers and sisters, Today I am going to... Continue Reading →

An Unknowing Victim or a Hand-Tailored Love: Yes, I Chose to Marry a Gay Man

I sit there, my mouth hanging partly open staring at the interviewer. “Do people actually think that?” I think. I take a deep breath, I try to answer but my mind is blank. “I love Chad,” I say as if that statement was all the answer necessary to answer such a question. And to be... Continue Reading →

Saturday is a Special Day

Rewind 15 years.  My little brother and I would wake up on bright and early on the weekend to watch our favorite Saturday morning cartoons, mostly consisting of Pokemon and Yugioh.  We wouldtry to bend the antennae on the TV just right so you could make out the characters out of the black-and-white snowstorm of... Continue Reading →

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