Joy in the journey (even if it’s just a 15-minute drive)

  On Saturday mornings, I wake up dark and early to head to the temple. For previous weeks, it had started to feel like a chore. That was hard. And I did it every week. And I was just so tired. Saturdays are for sleeping! I could always tell myself. But something changed today. I... Continue Reading →

The one about school

School has this weird habit of taking over your life. Don’t get me wrong. I love nothing better than delving into a challenging project, making flashcards and practicing problems. But I shouldn’t allow it to encroach on valuable time with my wife and family, stop me from doing a fun activity like a hiking or... Continue Reading →

A chance encounter

I’m taking a swimming class this semester, and I get myself a good pair of goggles.  It’s funny how the Lord sends small and tender mercies in the most random moments, and this was one of them.  Even it was just to make my day a little brighter.  I had the following conversation with one... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Adventures

“He discovered the fact that all romantics know—that adventures happen on dull days, and not on sunny ones. When the chord of monotony is stretched most tight, then it breaks with a sound like a song.”   I wrote a few weeks ago of my first experience with Romanticism in a German class on fairy... Continue Reading →

Lewis and SciFi

I just finished a book. And I won’t turn this into a book review thing, but I had to share a little about this one.   One of my favorite authors is C. S. Lewis. I’ve read most everything by him, but somehow I skipped over his Perelandra series. I read the first in the trilogy,... Continue Reading →

Three False Maps

I often have “aha” moments, epiphanies, throughout the day. They aren’t always the kind that make you reevaluate your life, drop your current job to start your own company or become a monk, but I have had to get into the habit of carrying a small book around to record my thoughts. Today at work,... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Testament

I am a Sunday School teacher in my ward. When I moved into the ward with my wife, my bishop asked me what calling I would like most. And I said Sunday School teacher. I like to teach, because I get less caught up in the hard part of administering—meetings and agendas and action items.... Continue Reading →

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