A Brief Introduction

Hey all,
This is my third attempt at keeping a blog. I really seem to not have the discipline to keep one regularly, but I think know is the time where I feel like I have the motivation and the material to do it. Just reading blogs and seeing how successful ones work was a big help. The only thing I have to remember now is… probably no one will ever read this first post. Or the second. Or third. So, it’s pretty much for my fulfillment. Al well, good practice, no?
I want to be able to share who I am in this blog. Most of the blogs I keep up on are of that nature—they show how others appreciate the small things in life. They make everyday moments something special, and I want that to be a space where I can share that with others.
I am LDS. I want to share faith-building experiences and stories, but not be so deeply engulfed in LDS-ologisms that others can’t make head nor tail of it. That’ll probably be hard for me. I don’t start every sentence with “And it came to pass,” but I’m pretty close.
I have so many ideas of things I wanted to write about in my first post. Should I do my first memory? Or my conversion story? But I finally settled on a short introduction of myself. I’ll get started.
I grew up in Utah. Really, nowhere else. Well, I may have visited Disneyland. Oh, and I drove through the corner of Wyoming to go camping in the Uintahs in… well, Utah. But I’m proud of it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m probably going to go on a hike this morning, since it’s summer and all.
Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to learn. My biggest wish? To read all of the books in the world. Summers were dreadful, because there was no school. So I would make up my own homework. Like trying to teach myself algebra by using my dad’s old textbook.
I was a loner. I got made fun of so much growing up. I remember in third grade, there was a “midget club.” Members would put their legs in their shirts, and run around on their arms and hands like apes. That was so cool. I wanted to join, but in order to do so, you had to race a member of the group. I never was able to do it. Another time, I wanted to get into a game of ball with the kids in my grade. When I showed up, the game immediately turned into a game of keep-away. Elementary school playgrounds are hard.
I am very musical. In junior high and high school, I played the clarinet and the saxophone. I have pretty much played the piano since I can remember. I am a living metronome. My fellow band members would laugh, because I usually looked like I was dancing while I was playing.
I served my mission in Frankfurt, Germany. I pretty much consider myself a German now. I pray in German. I used to try to teach my family German phrases, until my brother got home from a Portuguese-speaking mission, and I realized how annoying that was. My little sister is taking German. Lately, she has been into a German band called Tonbandgerät (pretty much, cassette tape in English) and I have since enjoyed them as well. There aren’t many opportunities to speak German, so I have a few pen pals that I write to keep my German up.
And, the biggest thing on my mind right now… I am getting married! This summer. My lovely fiancée, Jenni, agreed to marry me. The big day is July 11. Jenni is a history school teacher. She teaches at a dual immersion school where they teach in Spanish and English, but she doesn’t know Spanish. Hey, I thought it was funny. I don’t know how I managed to get her to say yes, because I was really, really awkward. We’ll have to tell the story from both our perspectives one time. I love Jenni. I think one thing that defines us, one night she handed me a letter he had written to me. It was beautifully written. And I responded in kind. We both agreed that we were better at writing than talking, and we began writing letters back and forth. Romantic, eh?
So, the title of the blog, History Engineers, comes from the fact that Jenni is a history teacher, and I am an engineer—chemical, to be exact. As the blog will pretty much be a running history of our lives, I thought the name would be fun.
That pretty much wraps it up for this entry. I really hope his works out!

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